The World’s 50 Best Restaurants-Restaurant André (Singapore) 世界五十大最好的餐廳Restaurant André (新加坡)

Une succession de mets lumineux, subtils et précis. André Chiang, artiste cuisinier, formé en France chez Troigros, Barbot et Gagnaire, associe rigueur et poésie dans une Maison art déco absolument délicieuse.


The New York Times listed Restaurant Andréas one of 10 global restaurants worth a plane ride. Wallpaper Magazine named  French-trained Taiwanese Chef André Chiang one of the world’s Best Young Chefs.

Located in Bukit Pasoh in Singapore, Restaurant André is housed in an intimate three-storey narrow house with seating for just 30 diners. The restaurant itself is located on the second floor and can be best described as intimate and plush – from the clever use of space and meticulously selected tableware to the upscale, contemporary decor, attention to detail is at the heart of this Singapore restaurant.

Restaurant decor aside, Chef André is more an artist than a chef – and I should know being an avid art collector. The menu is centred on something André himself developed, ‘Octaphilosophy’, and comprises of dishes across eight key characteristics and philosophies: unique, texture, memory, pure, salt, south, artisan and terroir. The food has a distinct mediterranean feel to it, yet the presentation and style are clearly French inspired. Each dish looks too beautiful to touch yet is similarly too outstanding not to.

Restaurant Andre is an intimate three-storey 1920s heritage shophouse located in the conservation district of Bukit Pasoh in Singapore. Helming the pristine kitchen is chef and owner André Chiang who is best known for his unique style of Southern French nouvelle cuisine that is often interspersed with vibrant Mediterranean touches.

The 30-seater restaurant’s chef’s table sits on the first level while the second is the main dining room. André’s private atelier and loft office is housed on level three alongside the restaurant’s wine cellar which is well stocked with a collection of exclusive biodynamic wines.

‘Octaphilosophy’ developed by André to convey an enhanced, holistic dining experience is the focus of the restaurant. André’s continued research on how our capacity to taste food is influenced by our memory banks; including the personal experiences we acquire over time was the motivation behind the study. Unique, texture, memory, pure, terroir, salt, south and artisan are the eight characteristics of Octaphilosophy that the chef has coined to facilitate the interpretation of his thoughts and the philosophy behind his cuisine.

The hypothesis of eight characteristics that attempt to discover through cuisine; the nature and significance of ordinary and scientific beliefs while investigating the simplicity of concepts by means of rational argument concerning their presumptions, implication, and interrelationships.  The pure and unique hues of nature’s gifts from the land together with scientific research and juxtaposed alongside with the intuitions of the South, where primal aromas and texture evoke the endless trail of memories. 

So for menu you have a succession of 8 dishes : Unique, Pure, Texture, Memory, Salt, South, Artisan, Terroir. 

The restaurant features two prix fixe menus for both lunch and dinner. Popular dishes such as ‘forgotten vegetables’ and his interpretation of the Snickers bar continues to evolve on the Menu Classic while Menu Octa highlight dishes that are representative of Octaphilosophy. The restaurant’s cellar features small-production boutique wineries in France with an emphasis on quality and also includes rare wine labels personally selected by André that are specially imported by the restaurant.

Restaurant André 提供套餐為主,菜單每月固定更換,依當日食材做調整,並以其自創的Octaphilosophy為設計主幹。Octa意喻為八,與philosophy相 併為”八哲學”。哲學家如Socrates 亦為最早的科學家,而廚師可說是食物的科學家,相呼應十分有趣。

八哲學:此概念是將八種預設值去透過料理的方式來進行探索驗證; 了解純樸的自然特質同時以假設性、寓意性、相關性來觀其背後的基本概念。將大地所賜與那純淨且獨一無二的色彩與科學性相結合,透過南方的啟發來回歸讓原始的氣味與結構來不斷的觸發回憶。

Pure(純淨)、Salt: (鹽/礦物質)、Artisan(手工)、Texture (結構/口感)、South (南方)、Unique (獨特)、Memory (回憶)、Terroir (風土),正是其八樣設定質。

#1 Pure

#2 Salt
布列塔尼生蠔&海水果凍配海葡萄佐Granny Smith(阿嬤史密斯)蘋果泡泡。

#3 Artisan

#4 South

#5 Texture
Squid Risotto 墨魚燉飯

#6 Unique

#7 Memory

#8 Terrior

Desert: Choco Fanatic Party 巧克饗宴

André ’s previous restaurant before opening ANDRE – Jaan Par André – was ranked No. 39 in Restaurant Magazine’s S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2010 and No. 4 in Asia in the 2009/2010 edition of The Miele Guide.

He was also voted one of Asia’s Top 10 Young Chefs in 2006 by Discovery Channel and one of the Best 150 Relais Gourmands Master Chefs of the World in that same year.

André ’s career spans some of the world’s top French restaurants, including acknowledged masters of Modern French cooking:

Pierre Gagnaire (3-Michelin Star), Paris

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (1-Michelin Star), Paris

L’Astrance (3-Michelin Star), Paris

La Maison Troisgros (3-Michelin Star), Roanne

Le Jardin des Sens (2-Michelin Star), Montpellier

Combining Mediterranean accents and French techniques, André attributes his influences to three generations of masters in ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ as well as the inspiration he draws from the selection of fresh produce he uses every day.

Restaurant André
地址:41 Pukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089855

電話: +65 6534 8880

營業時間:週二-日 12:00-14:00, 19:00-23:00

Opening Hours
Lunch: Tuesday – Friday / Dinner: Tuesday – Sunday
Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

+65 6534 8880



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  1. First Class take away !!!!
    Gerards – Lilililas

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      u must enjoy it inside so that you can feel the food ><

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  2. love the pictures!

    January 15, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    • Thank you, it’s near Singapore is just beside my country Malaysia ,
      it’s really a best restaurant
      Andre is very hardwork

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    looks so yummyyyyyyy..

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