150 Master Chefs of the World-André Chiang 全球最佳150位名廚-江振誠

About Chef André Chiang

Chef André Chiang has a philosophy of using only the freshest of seasonal produce. Having made an indelible impression on the Singapore culinary scene since its opening in late 2010, Restaurant ANDRE was recently listed as the top 10 restaurants in the world worth a plane ride by the New York Times. André was also listed by Wallpaper magazine as one of the world’s best young chefs.

One of Asia’s Top 10 Young Chefs and Best 150 Relais Gourmand Master Chefs of the World, André Chiang’s career spans numerous highly successful roles in various Michelin-starred establishments where his impressive career spans some of the world’s top French restaurants including the masters of “Nouvelle Cuisine” – Pierre Gagnaire (3-Michelin Star), L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (1-Michelin Star), and L’Astrance (3-Michelin Star) in Paris; La Maison Troisgros (3-Michelin Star) in Roanne, and Le Jardin des Sens (3-Michelin Star) in Montpellier. A blend of dynamic passion and modest charm, André’s magnetism is as irresistible as his cuisine.

Crafting celebrated creations, combining Mediterranean accents and French techniques, André attributes his influences to the 3 generations of Masters in “Nouvelle Cuisine” as well as inspiration he draws from the myriad selection of products he uses everyday.


The Électrons Libres, is a group of chefs that are as individual or a leaders of a group have taken a unique route that goes beyond the learning process. Their philosophy transforms the cuisine of the present time as well as the cuisine of the future in a specific area (place) or country. Sometimes they are the leaders of a culinary movement but often, they are alone in their search. 

Barely passed his thirties, the Chef André Chiang in October 2010 opened his own restaurant in Singapore. And why is this restaurant so anticipated by fans and foodies? Just because this young Chef , with strong French roots, has already won several awards and has collected good papers in the media.

After several years doing an apprenticeship with the greatest French chefs of the moment; Gagnaire, Troisgros, Pascal Barbot, Robuchon (L’Atelier) and brothers Pourcel (Le Jardin des Sens), André Chiang decided to accept a new challenge and to lead the kitchen at Restaurant Jaan by André (Swissôtel-The Stamford) inSingapore. It was ranked # 39 on the prestigious list S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2010.

His cuisine is based on a strong French techniques and a great respect for the purity of the products. It is highly creative and these days inspired by the fresh ingredients from Singapore and Asia. Chiang has developed over the years aunique and original philosophy (Octaphilosophy) expressed in eight points:Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South, Artisan.

Great expectations for a great chef in a city where gastronomy is changing rapidly and where they will be many discoveries in the coming years!


Q+A WITH ANDRÉ CHIANG (www.restaurantandre.com):

1-(Scoffier) How do you explain the philosophy (Octaphilosophy) behind your cuisine at Restaurant Andre and how do you construct your Menu Octa?

AChiang- Octaphilosophy is a hypothesis I have practiced for several years now, these eight elements are constantly repeated and have regularly resurface in my menus.  It is a concept I have applied in many of my creations.  The new restaurant has provided me with the avenue to consolidate and share my thoughts in a more succinct manner.

How does Octaphilosophy present for diners when they visit the restaurant?  Based on eight primary characteristics: Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South and Artisan; diners will be taken on a journey with a repertoire of eight dishes themed after the eight characteristics of Octaphilosophy.

Representative dishes in the menu change through the seasons or according to the inspirations from the fresh produce received each day, while the characteristics of the philosophy remain unchanged.

A Representation of Our Menu this Season:

·         PURE

 (A pure flavour without seasoning)

·         SALT

(Salt from the sea)

·         ARTISAN

(Heritage and limited produce from artisans around the globe)


(A play with textures)

·         SOUTH

(Celebrating the colours and generosity of the South of France)

·         UNIQUE

(A combination of the best and most unique ingredients)

·         MEMORY

(A fond memory of a timeless dish, in creation since 1998)

·         TERROIR

(Celebrating the gifts from the land)

2-(Scoffier) Do you have a flavour or taste from your childhood that is again memorable?

AChiang– The dish I have featured as MEMORY (Foie Gras Jelly) is one of my favourite dishes.  It is a dish that has evolved through the years with me, and brings back fond memories of my days training and working in France.

3-(Scoffier) Do you have a particular foods (or products) that you often use in your recipes?

AChiang- love the lemon for it’s acidity and it’s role as a flavour catalyst.  The acidity in lemons enhances the flavour of a dish as the sensation intermingles with our taste buds allowing the flavours that precede to be more pronounced.

4-(Scoffier) Do you have a mentor (chefs or anybody else) that inspires you in your cuisine?

AChiang- I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that I have been given in my career and the influence from the 3 generations of Masters of “Nouvelle Cuisine”, not forgetting the myriad selection of products the restaurant receives everyday which are my essential daily dose of inspiration.

5-(Scoffier) Your influences are very French, is there a part of Asia in your cuisine?

AChiang- I arrived in Singapore 3 years ago and I am still exploring ingredients available here. When I create, I try as often as possible to incorporate the freshest produce we are able to procure locally or from the region, capitalising on seasonality, proximity and availability.

6-(Scoffier)- For about 3 years, Singapore is on the map of Gourmet, can you tell us the benefits of working there, and the ease of finding a high quality products? I know that a chef as Pascal Barbot (L’Astrance, Paris) take a lot of time choosing and picking his produces at the market. (Your relation with your suppliers…)

AChiang- The amalgamation of cultures and the vibrant mix of culinary styles does make Singapore’s gourmet scene very fascinating.   I am impressed by the standard that this island nation presents and the support its government provides with their myriad programmes to elevate the standard of the culinary offerings here to drive growth in the industry.

With Singapore being a leading business hub, I have not encountered major problems sourcing for produce.  We work with a brilliant group of suppliers and farmers in Singapore and globally who support us with very good produce. We also hope to continue introducing fine food purveyors who supply to top restaurants in Europe to Singapore.

7-(Scoffier) Do you use some elements from new technology (sous-vide etc.) in your cooking techniques? If yes, which?

AChiang- Charcoal grilling is my latest obsession. In my opinion, the intense unique smokey charcoal grilled flavour is a taste that we are so familiar with but yet forgotten.

It is such an exceptional cooking technique that cannot be replaced with any modern technology.

8-(Scoffier) Can you give us a detailed recipe (Signature dish or other) that is characterized the cuisine of Andre Chiang?

AChiang-The PURE dish in my Octaphilosophy menu which features all raw elements with no cooking and no seasoning.

9-(Scoffier) What is your goal (ambitions) as chef or for your restaurant?Do you think about write a book, a television show, others?

AChiang- With this restaurant, I hope to be able to establish new frontiers in fine-dining with an enhancement of my revolving repertoire of dishes. It is important to realise that dining is more than just exceptional cuisine and service standards.  What is more important than to stir emotion in the hearts of the guest and to reveal stories that have never been told before?

Apart from cuisine, the restaurant also reveals the non-culinary side of my art, it showcases my penchant for design and the arts with delicately-crafted artwork in various mediums which are showcased throughout the three-storey space.

My immediate task is to have the restaurant up and running well.  I also hope to be able to continue to do what I like, bringing more to the people who have been supporting me.

We are ready to write a cookbook and look forward to continue collaborating with other chefs to pass on the new bio movement and my philosophy.



-Restaurant Andre/Chef André Chiang

41 Bukit Pasoh Road

Singapore  089855





法菜廚藝界的「台灣之光」江振誠,20歲即任西華飯店副主廚,25歲當上南法米其林三星餐廳〈Pourcel〉主要執行主廚的江振誠,曾被餐飲指南〈Relais & Chateaux〉列為「2006全球最佳150位名廚」之一,當年也被Discovery頻道選為「亞洲10大最佳青年主廚」。除此,江振誠主持的餐廳也二度被《時代雜誌》評為「印度洋上最偉大的料理」,而在新加坡用江振誠名字命名的餐廳〈JAAN PAR ANDRE〉,更在「聖貝勒格利諾全球最佳餐廳排行榜」(S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants)名列39,集多項光環與榮耀於一身。 去年10月10日,江振誠自己的餐廳〈Restaurant Andre〉在新加坡開幕,憑精湛廚藝與獨特的用餐氛圍,除屢屢得到新加坡與國際權威美食評鑑的好評,客座常滿的訂席狀況與700元新幣的平均客單價,絲豪不遜於開在金沙酒店裡的6家米其林星級餐廳。 34歲的江振誠究竟憑什麼魅力在食壇快速崛起,並在競爭激烈的獅城與前輩名廚頭角崢嶸?透過專訪,食家饕客可從他獨創的料理「八角哲學」,深度了解這位型男主廚在想什麼?做什麼?



去年雙十節正式開幕,位在新加坡中國城附近的〈Restaurant Andre〉,從口布到窗簾、從餐桌到刀叉,都是江振誠自己設計,他甚至自己動手捏陶,打造自己心目中最理想的餐盤。餐廳的菜單其實不是菜單,而是寫了前述8個英文單字。每個字代表一道菜,更代表了一個江振誠欲傳達的「料理哲思」。他說,再稀有珍貴的食材其實都難不倒頂級食客,他真正想讓客人了解的是「自己做菜的動機」。







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